Beadle is About Again!

Watch out… the prankster is back.

Beadle’s About, the prank show hosted by the late Jeremy Beadle, was a smash-hit Saturday night series for ITV in the late 1980s and early 90s. The first series is to be released on DVD.

Jeremy Beadle established himself as a master practical joker and one of the nation’s favourite comedians drawing in huge ratings to his programmes.

Jeremy’s telly pranks started on LWT’s Game For A Laugh, but it was the follow-up show where the legendary prankster became renowned for his practical jokes and outrageous stunts – all captured on hidden camera with the phenomenally successful long running series Beadle’s About.

It made Beadle both loved and hated in equal measures. He topped the ‘most popular’ person on television polls as well as ‘the most hated person on television’ – and at one point he was top of both at the same time.

Now Network DVD have announced that for the first time the entire first series of Beadle’s About from 1986 is to be released on DVD.

Network say: “For ten hilarious and unforgettable series between 1986 and 1996, Beadle’s About set up unsuspecting members of the public for some of the most elaborate and brilliantly executed pranks ever shown on television, capturing the victims’ horrified reactions on hidden cameras; this is also long before the current slew of reality shows. The show instantly became essential Saturday-night viewing in millions of homes, and the topic of countless Monday-morning conversations at work and school.”

Beadle’s About – The Complete First Series will be available to buy on DVD from 28th March, RRP £12.99.