Matt Baker asks Cameron 'How on earth do you sleep at night?'

David CameronThe One Show co-presenter Matt Baker ended a rather cosy chat with Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday evening by asking ‘How on earth you do sleep at night?’.

David CameronDavid Cameron, the Prime Minister, appeared on The One Show on Tuesday evening. His appearance has raised questions about giving a platform to politicians on the evening magazine show and has prompted several complaints on the issue. However, perhaps the bigger story regarding his appearance is the question posed by co-presenter Matt Baker to the Prime Minister. After something of a cosy interview for Cameron a shock question was asked by Baker.

The interview was just being wrapped up with Baker thanking the Prime Minister for appearing when he shot one final question at Cameron – and it was something of a shocker. The former Blue Peter host asked Cameron ‘How on earth do you sleep at night?’. There was a few seconds of stunned silence from co-presenter Alex Jones and the Prime Minister himself before he managed to answer “Erm, I’ve always been able to sleep OK…At the end of the day if you are exhausted you will make the wrong decisions.”

Cameron’s appearance on The One Show saw its ratings top 5 million viewers and Twitter was quickly ablaze afterwards with many Tweets praising Baker.