William Shatner reveals why he wants to return to Star Trek

Star TrekWilliam Shatner reveals the ‘real’ reason why he wants to be in the new Star Trek films.

Star TrekWilliam Shatner, in a definite tongue-in-cheek moment has revealed the ‘real’ reason why he wants to be in the new Star Trek movies. The Star Trek film franchise was revived by J.J Abrams who rebooted them and took the movies back to the original series cast all be it in their academy days. The first reboot film, simply titled Star Trek, was a huge hit with audiences and a highly anticipated sequel is on the way. Leonard Nimroy, Shatner’s co-star on the original series and subsequent films, reprised his role for Spock for the first film. Shatner was quite vocal about being in the film too but it didn’t happen but he’s still holding out hopes for the sequel. So why is Shatner so keen to be in the reboots?

The only reason I want to be in the film J.J. Abrams is directing is because he’s shorter in stature than I am, and when I stand beside him I sort of tower. And there are very few people I can do that with. So I thought he should cast me in it just so I could tower over him. – Shatner quoted on Blastr

As we said at the start it was a very tongue-in-cheek moment! Shatner is currently starring in the CBS comedy S#*! My Day Says.