New Doctor Who trailer to debut tonight

Doctor WhoA new teaser trailer for the forthcoming series of Doctor Who will make its debut tonight.

The trailer will be broadcast at 9pm tonight across all four (main) BBC channels though there may be slight differences between each channel’s trailer. The trailer will only offer a brief glimpse of the new series though as its just 15 seconds long. However, a special preview of the first episode of the new series; The Impossible Astronaut, will be released on the official Doctor Who website at 4pm on Friday. There are also rumours that an extended trailer for the next series of Doctor Who will air sometime over the weekend; mostly likely Saturday.

Filming on the sixth series (since its revival) of Doctor Who continues. It was revealed earlier this week that actor Michael Sheen will be amongst the guest stars for the new series with others including the returning Alex Kingston and Mark Sheppard, Suranne Jones and Hugh Bonneville.