It’s the final countdown for Channel 4

Jay Hunt has reportedly swung the axe at Channel 4’s run-down of “greatest moments” which have aired on the channel for nearly a decade.


Amongst the various countdowns to have aired on Channel 4 over the years are include listings on soaps, dramas, sci fi’s, romantic moments, Christmas moments, toys and World Cup Moments. However, Jay Hunt – previously controller on BBC One – feels the listings are tired and not of interest to viewers anymore. Hunt is not the first Channel 4 executive to try and do away with the listings.


Several years ago the format was said to have been cancelled by Kevin Lygo. However, despite Lygo’s apparent axing of the listings several shows still were made and aired on Channel 4 – including just last year. Under Hunt’s plans though the listings won’t disappear completely as they’ll still be made under exceptional circumstances.