Doctor Who regular to be killed off

Doctor WhoThe next series of Doctor Who will see one of the regular characters killed off. Producer Steven Moffat has confirmed, via Twitter, that a Tardis regular will be killed off in the opening story of the new series.

The Doctor Who Magazine has revealed that either the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan), Rory (Arthur Darvill) or River Song (Alex Kingston) will be killed off in the sixth season. The news has been confirmed by Doctor Who’s showrunner Steven Moffat who posted on Twitter ‘Yep – one of the show’s four lead characters is going to get killed in the “season opener”.

Alex KingstonDoctor Who fans are now speculating over who will fall victim during the show’s opening two-part story; The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. The character of Rory was killed off (twice technically if you count his demise in Amy’s Choice) during the course of the fifth season but was resurrected in the season finale. We’ve already (supposedly) seen River Song’s demise in Forest of the Dead where she (seemingly) sacrificed herself. However, a theme of the series so far has been “time can be re-written” so perhaps River’s ultimate fate is far from sealed.

As for the Doctor and Amy – well surely its unlikely it’ll be either of them? The Doctor can regenerate and actress Karen Gillan has been spotted filming episodes of the sixth season – making Amy’s demise unlikely. Steven Moffat promised fans, on Twitter, that “We’re not lying, we’re not cheating: one of those four people is going to die! When I came up with this heart-wrenching twist, I thought ‘We’ll kill off one of the leads in the season opener.’ It lures you in.” – suggesting no one will be magically resurrected later on.

The original series killed off three companions (or just one depending which side of the argument you sit on) during its 26 years on air. Katarina and Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh) were both killed off during The Daleks Masterplan. Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) was killed off in Earthshock; there was no title music at the end of the episode just silence. Though some might argue if you listen carefully you can hear the Catherine Tate and David Tennantsound of cheers from happy fans at Adric’s demise.

Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005 there’s been several “red herrings” pointing to the death of companions. The second season finale Army of Ghosts/Doomsday featured a voice over from Rose (Billie Piper) claiming it was the “story of how she died”…but she didn’t die at all; she escaped to a parallel universe and was just listed as dead in ‘our’ world. The season four finale The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End had Dalek Cann predicting one of the Doctor’s companion’s would die – they all survived. Though Donna (Catherine Tate) had her memory wiped and stopped travelling with the Doctor.

So who do you think will fall victim to the Grim Reaper? Amy, Rory, River or even the Doctor? Post your comments below!