Skins writer Jamie Brittain quits the teen drama

SkinsSkins writer and co-creator Jamie Brittain has reportedly quit the E4 teen-drama.

The Sun claims the writer has decided to leave the series as “I’ve just said everything I want to say. It’s time for new writers to come forward and portray their truth about teenagers.” A sixth season of Skins has already been commissioned by E4 – it was commissioned at the same time as the fifth series.

The fifth series of Skins finished its run in March but was met with mixed reactions from fans and lower ratings than previous seasons. The final episode of the fifth season had half that of the season four finale. The fifth season introduced the “third generation” of Skins characters as the policy of refreshing the show every two years continued. Amongst the new cast of Skins were Dakota Blue Richards, Sebastian de Souza and Jessica Sula.
Brittain has promised the sixth season will be “amazing” but his exit from the drama he helped to create leaves a question mark over its future. While a sixth season will go ahead beyond that the future is unclear. A film of Skins featuring characters from the first and second generation has been commissioned but there’s been little news of it recently. The MTV remake in America has suffered at the hands of a campaign by the Parents Television Council which has seen major advertisers withdraw from the drama and audiences drop to under 1 million.