Torchwood benefits from bigger budget

Torchwood Miracle DayThe new series of Torchwood has benefited from an increased budget (thanks to its co-production deal between the BBC and Starz) allowing for more stunts and a bigger “scale”.

Torchwood’s executive producer Julie Gardner (former executive producer of Doctor Who as well) has told Deadline that the budget for the fourth series has tripled. Meanwhile star John Barrowman has also been talking about the benefits of a bigger production budget and what fans can expect from Torchwood: Miracle Day.

“There is so much more we can do with Torchwood now having made the leap to America. It’s going to be even bigger and better….the stunts are more dangerous and the sexual chemistry is more explosive….The stunt work is unbelievable. I used to do quite a lot of stunts except if it was jumping off of buildings but now I’m not allowed to because of the insurance policy. I’m much more valuable in America!” – John Barrowman speaking to Deadline

The actor also quashed fans fears that his character of Captain Jack Harkness would be toned down for the American audiences. There were some fans who felt the characters bisexuality would be quietly dropped even though Starz is a premium cable broadcaster giving it more freedom to feature such characters and storylines.

“Jack will have his little dabblings and the audience will get exactly what they want… And I had a lot of fun doing it!” – John Barrowman speaking to Deadline

Torchwood: Miracle Day is still in production in America and is expect to premier in July on BBC One. Starz has set its premier date for Torchwood as July 8th.