Matt Smith not planning to quit Doctor Who

Matt SmithActor Matt Smith has stated he isn’t planning on quitting Doctor Who anytime soon and hopes to continue in the role for some time to come.

The actor took over the role of the Doctor from David Tennant last year and officially is the 11th actor to portray the Time Lord. The sixth series of Doctor Who returns later this month (it will be Smith’s second in the role) and with the press coverage gearing up for the shows premier the inevitable question of how long Matt Smith intends to stay in the role was raised.

“It’s certainly not a part I want to give up anytime soon, and I love playing it…..I kind of take it a year at a time and I finish shooting this season in a month so thereafter we’ll wait and see. There’s a Christmas special so I guess that means that everyone will sit down and figure it out but it’s certainly something I’m keen to be involved with because I love it, I love playing Doctor Who, or rather the Doctor in Doctor Who – it’s a thrilling job so who knows?” – Matt Smith quoted on the Press Association

Since Doctor Who was revived in 2005 there have been, including Matt Smith, three actors in the title role. Christopher Eccleston stayed for just one season bowing out in the season one finale Parting of Alex Kingstonthe Ways. His successor David Tennant stayed for full three seasons and a fourth year of specials bowing out in The End of Time Part Two.

Interestingly on the subject of Smith’s future with Doctor Who it was revealed earlier this week that a series regular is killed during the opening episode of the new series. In last year’s series it was stated that River Song (Alex Kingston) had killed a man and it was implied it was the Doctor at some point in the future she had killed. However, Steven Moffat has stated that it could very easily be Amy (Karen Gillan), Rory (Arthur Darvill) or River Song who is killed off.