Doctor Who partly funded by merchandise

Doctor WhoDoctor Who is reportedly partly funded from the merchandise surrounding the popular science-fiction series.

There are thousands of tie-in products to Doctor Who from novels to audio adventures, action figures to pencil cases. However, those who might write off such merchandise as a cynical attempt to cash in on the popularity of the show may be surprised to learn that actually every action figure or novel sold helps fund Doctor Who itself.

The show’s head-writer and producer Steven Moffat has revealed that the money from sales of DVDS, Novels and the Doctor Who experience is partly “money to make the show”.  The Sun reports that Doctor Who has a budget of £1million per episode but the BBC itself only puts £700,000 towards each episode with the shortfall being made up by revenues from all the products. Why doesn’t the BBC give Doctor Who the full budget it deserves – funding pressures. The corporation is on a drive to cut costs after the licence fee freeze and also because it now has the additional responsibilities of funding the World Service and the Monitoring Service.

Doctor Who returns for its sixth season tomorrow evening on BBC One. Following the episode a special tribute to the actress Elisabeth Sladen will air on CBBC at 6.45pm (more details here >>) followed by Doctor Who Confidential at 7pm on BBC Three.