New Drama's For ITV1

ITV this week announced two new dramas for the network with the commissioning of Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me and Eternal Law.


Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me is a one-off 90 minute drama written by Christopher Dunlop to be produced by STV while Monastic Productions and Kudos TV unite to create the six-part series Eternal Law.

Writer Christopher Dunlop said of Fast Freddie: “I’ve always wanted to write about the magic of Christmas colliding with the way we torment ourselves trying to make that one day perfect. Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me creates an idyllic family Christmas from the most unlikely collection of characters who in the process, rediscover faith in life, love and hope for the future.”

The drama will follow the life of Jonathan Donald – a wealthy, brash, over-confident luxury car dealer who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. After being found guilty of a drink driving charge, Jonathan expects to get off lightly but instead receives a community service order in the run up to Christmas, 60 hours with The Moonbeam Club, a support organisation for young adults with social and behavioural difficulties run by recently widowed, Laura Cooper.

Jonathan’s attitude and commitment begins to change as he gets to know one of the club’s member’s – eighteen year old Freddie Copeland. Feisty, an expert with gadgets and a demon on the PlayStation, Jonathan is shocked to learn Freddie suffers from kidney disease and genetic heart condition which means he’ll be lucky to survive the next couple of months.

One of Freddie’s dreams is to have his own idea of a perfect Christmas. But having grown up in various care homes Freddie knows his dream is unlikely to come true, especially since he’s never had the courage to make contact with his real mother. Against Laura’s careful advice, Jonathan decides to take it upon himself to give Freddie the Christmas he’s always dreamed of. But can he make the impossible possible and make his final Christmas the best Freddie has ever had?

Margaret Enefer, Head of Drama for STV and executive producer of Fast Freddie the Widow and Me says of the project,  “We’re really pleased ITV have commissioned Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me. It’s a fabulous script with great warmth and charm and we think it’ll be a real Christmas cracker of a film!”

The second production, Eternal Law, will be set in the city of York and will focuses on two central characters – Zak and Tom.

Alison Jackson, co-executive producer says, “We are delighted to be making this compelling, witty and entertaining new series for ITV which has the ultimate love story at its heart. The stories are about good people in bad situations, often facing a crisis in their lives and the angels who are charged to help them.  Matthew and Ashley have brought their magic to another wonderfully fresh and original concept and we are thrilled to be working with them again.”

Tom Greening, an eager newcomer who is on earth for the first time.  His naivety gets him into scrapes and is a great source of humour to all around him. Briefed strictly not to become emotionally involved with humans, but to guide, advise, and comfort, Zak and Tom are both lawyers working for a local legal firm who deal with gritty, real-life situations as they attempt to prompt humans to understand the consequences of their actions. While Zak is an intelligent yet cynical angel sent to earth to help a community.  Zak’s angel credentials are hidden from public view and only very occasionally in moments of privacy do we glimpse a dramatic flutter of wings that will confirm Zak is on earth to help, influence and understand humans as they go about their day to day lives.

Ashley Pharoah, Monastic Productions, comments, “This idea has been a passion of ours for some years now and we always thought its natural home was ITV. To make it with our friends and long-term producing partners at Kudos just makes it that much more exciting”.