The CW renews Gossip Girl and Supernatural

The CWThe CW has renewed five of its shows including Gossip Girl, Supernatural and 90210.

Fans of various CW shows have been waiting a long time to see if their favourite show will be back or not. Some of them can now sigh in relief because for them the wait is over but for others the future of their beloved shows remains in doubt. The CW has renewed five of its shows but new seasons but what does that mean for the shows not on the list?

Unsurprisingly Supernatural, which stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, will return for a seventh season. That was pretty much guaranteed as was the return of The Vampire Dairies which will be back for a third season. Gossip Girl will be back for a fifth season of shameless antics of the privileged residents of the Upper East Side – doubtless those rumours about cast member such as Blake Lively and Ed Westwick quitting will flare up again now.

Fellow teen-drama 90210 has been renewed for a fourth season while America’s Next Top Model has also been renewed. Notably absent from the list is The CW’s veteran drama One Tree Hill which thus far has not been renewed for a ninth season – but does that mean it won’t be? As for Nikita and Hellcats they too remain off the list but that doesn’t mean The CW will cull all three shows in one go – so fans should still hold out hope, for now, that they may still have a future.