Hot weather dents Doctor Who ratings again

Doctor WhoThe hot weather and a second long bank holiday weekend in a row has dented ratings for Doctor Who once more.

The concluding part to last week’s season opener saw ratings drop by 1 million viewers but was still the second most watched programme of the day and the highest rated programme on BBC One. The Day of the Moon had 5.4 million viewers at 6pm as the early time-slot combined with the hot weather and anĀ  exceptionally long bank holiday weekend (four days due to the Royal Wedding on Friday) meant millions turned off their televisions and headed outside.

However, once final figures are released and repeats/i player downloads are added that figure will rise. Last week’s season opener, The Impossible Astronaut, had 6.5 million viewers according to overnight figures but the final ratings for the episode stands much higher at 8.8 million. That big rise shows how much different the final ratings are compared to overnight ratings which the press are often quick to report and spin stories out off.