BBC changing Saturday evening schedule

Doctor WhoThe BBC is changing its Saturday evening schedule later this month switching around Doctor Who and the struggling talent competition So You Think You Can Dance

Ratings for BBC One’s Saturday evening line-up have been somewhat lacklustre of late with the hot weather and two bank holiday weekends in a row making a huge impact on the corporation’s line-up. Doctor Who has been the only programme on Saturday evenings to attract a mass audience and even it has suffered from lower ratings due to the weather.

However, from 14th May the BBC will be changing its schedules and hopefully it will be a permanent¬† arrangement as it will mean Doctor Who will air slightly later in the evening – something fans have been arguing for (as has ATV Today). Struggling dance show So You Think You Can Dance will be swapping with Doctor Who meaning on Saturday 14th Don't Scare the Harethe sci-fi series will air at 6.30. The poorly received, widely bashed ratings flop Don’t Scare the Hare will be pushed back to earlier in the evening to 4.50pm.

The schedule change is partly because of the Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on that evening. However, it all likelihood it is a change that is likely to remain considering the poor performances of Don’t Scare the Hare and So You Think You Can Dance.