Doctor Who: Day of the Moon Final Ratings.

Karen GillanFinal ratings for the Day of the Moon, the second episode of the new series of Doctor Who, have been released.

The final figures are always higher than overnight figures because they take into account those who recorded the programme and watched within seven days of its original broadcast. The final figures for The Impossible Astronaut added over two million viewers to the overnight figures for the episode bringing its audience to 8.8 million viewers which is on par to previous season openers. The final figures for Day of the Moon reveal it had an audience of 7.3 million viewers compared to the overnight figure of 5.4 million viewers.

The final figures do not take into account downloads from the BBC iPlayer service. According to the Doctor Who Newspage Day of the Moon had been accessed 1.2 million times within the first week of its original broadcast. Adding that figure to the final figure reveals that 8.5 million viewers so far have seen the episode. The figures for the iplayer will continue to rise though where it is available for longer than seven days.

These final figures pour scorn over some tabloid stories that viewers are turning off Doctor Who because of its “complicated” or “sexed up” plots. What these figures confirm is that viewers are opting to record/download Doctor Who (as its on so early at the moment) and watch it later but crucially they are still watching the sci-fi series and it is still a big success for the BBC.