Blue and Jedward performing well on iTunes charts

BlueNeither Blue or Jedward won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday evening or ended in the top 5 but that hasn’t stopped them doing well on the iTunes chart across Europe.

X Factor’s Jedward came 8th in the competition, with 119 points, and only narrowly ahead of Blue who came 11th with 100 points. It was both country’s best performance for a number of years. Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest was watched by 9 million people in the UK with a peak of 13 million viewers – the highest audience since 1999! Now Jedward Jedwardand Blue are enjoying chart success across Europe and viewers in different countries download their respective tracks.

Jedward’s Lipstick have topped the charts in Germany, Sweden and Ireland. Blue’s I Can meanwhile has entered the charts in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland. In the UK Blue are currently just outside the Top 10 at number 12 while Jedward have yet top enter the Top 20 sitting outside with number 24.

Saturday’s competition was run by Azerbaijan with Running Scared. The country saw off competition from the returning Italy (after a 14 year absence) with Madness of Love and Sweden with Popular.