TNT reveals The Closer spin-off details

Mary McDonnellTNT has revealed details of The Closer spin-off titled Major Crimes and starring Mary McDonnell.

It was pretty much a done deal that a spin-off from The Closer would happen. TNT was keen to keep the franchise alive beyond its final series which had already been commissioned. The broadcaster ordered an additional six episodes for the final series to build up to a spin-off being launched. Now it’s been confirmed that a spin-off will indeed launch and will be titled Major Crimes.

The new series will star Mary McDonnell who plays Capt Raydor on The Closer on a recurring basis since its fifth season and was made a regular on the seventh season. James Duff, creator of The Closer, will act as executive producer on the new spin-off.

Mary McDonnell will be known to sci-fi fans role her role of President Laura Roslin in Syfy’s re-imaged Battlestar Galactica. The actresses other notable roles include Independence Day, Donnie Darko and Scream 4.