ITV pushes ahead with final Poirot films

David Suchet as PoirotITV is reportedly pushing ahead with its plans to film the remaining Agatha Christie novels featuring Hercule Poirot despite reports earlier in the year it had decided to cancel the detective drama.

It was reported a few months ago that the costs involved with adapting the Poirot novels and the drop in ratings for the series had resulted in ITV deciding not to film the few remaining novels. The series has aired on ITV since 1989 when it was produced by LWT and aired in an hour format. However, the format changed later in Poirot‘s run when the adaptations became 100 minutes in length and more occasional in frequency.

Actor David Suchet, who plays the Belgian detective in the series, has been called the ‘definitive’ Poirot by many. The actor has previously expressed his wish to film all the remaining Poirot novels written by Christie of which around six still remain to be adapted by ITV. The actor also stated he would not continue in the role if the budget for the Poirot films was trimmed.

Several reports today claim that ITV has decided to push ahead with its planned final series of Poirot – which could see all remaining six novels adapted – with writer Nigel Dear working on the scripts. According to the reports the change of heart at ITV is down to the success of Downton Abbey, the Edwardian drama created by Julian Fellowes.

If the reports are true they will delight a legion of Poirot and Christie fans who were hoping to see ITV complete the adaptations.