Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut is the Most Recorded Programme Ever

The Impossible AstronautThe Impossible Astronaut, the season six premier, has helped Doctor Who make history once again. The episode has become the most recorded programme in UK TV history which rather shoots to pieces tabloids claims the popular of the show is waning.

According to figures released by Kantar, an organisation that analyses ratings here in the UK, The Impossible Astronaut had a time-shifted audience of 4.1 million viewers. That means people who recorded the programme but watched it at a later time. That huge figure helped boost the overall ratings for the episode to near 9 million viewers.

So just who said Doctor Who wasn’t as popular as it once was? Er that would be the tabloids who go purely by overnight figures. As we’ve often pointed out here at ATV Today these figures are not accurate and always rise – significantly – when final figures are released. The time-shift figures prove Doctor Who is just as popular as it always was just the viewers are changing the watching habits – preferring it later than the current time slot offers.

Doctor Who
has made history before on the BBC iPlayer by becoming the most downloaded programme. So the show is still a huge success for the BBC and enjoyed by millions of fans across the country – and indeed it is still performing well in America and Australia too.

And you can watch a trailer for tomorrow night’s episode here >>