End of the World? Perhaps Not

Some people in America are a little disappointed today as the world didn’t end yesterday! Yes the World continued at 6pm despite the predictions of one Preacher, Harold Camping, who said May 21st would be the last day for planet Earth and humanity.

For some yesterday the World was going to end…except it didn’t. Isn’t life a bugger? So full of disappointment. Some in America believed that May 21st was Judgement Day and that “rapture” would happen as Earthquakes struck the world at 6pm local time – relative to the different time zones. That’s what Harold Camping, the preacher who predicted the End of Days, reckoned would happen. Well 6pm for every time zone has come and gone and we’re still here. The prospect of the World ending amused quite a few news outlets including Channel Four News of which there’s an extract below.

Well here’s to the next End of the World! Isn’t that meant to be next year? Or perhaps just some day picked at random by some preacher with an agenda.