Zai Bennett axes BBC Three comedies

bbc threeNew controller of BBC Three, Zai Bennett, has swung the axe at the digital channel cancelling three of the station’s comedies.

Broadcast is reporting that Bennett has decided to axe How Not To Live Your Live, Lunch Moneys and Coming of Age. Bennett took his position of controller of BBC Three up just a month ago and yesterday announced a series of new commissionings from factual to comedy – including a second series of White Van Man starring Will Mellor.

Bennett has said the axed comedies “had their time”.  How Not To Live Your Live has run for four seasons and a Christmas Special is planned, according to Broadcast, to wrap up the series. The comedy stars Dan Clark, who also pens the series, Leila Hoffman and David Armand and has produced 19 episodes. Lunch Monkeys has run for two seasons starring Nigel Havers and Sian Reeves while Coming of Age has run for three seasons starring Annabel Barnston and Tony Bignell.