Mark Gatiss to return to Doctor Who

Doctor WhoIt’s being reported that the actor & writer Mark Gatiss will appear in the second half of the current season of Doctor Who.

Several sites are reporting that Gatiss will guest-star in the second half of the season possibly in episode 13 – some sources cite the season finale. Gatiss appearance in the episode would be the second time the actor has appeared in Doctor Who. He previously appeared in the season three episode The Lazarus Experiment although he had an uncredited role in last year’s Victory of the Daleks which he also wrote.

Gatiss other writing credits include The Unquiet Dead, The Idoits Lantern and a episode for the current series of which the title has yet to be revealed. Along with Steven Moffat he re-imaged the tales of Sherlock Holmes for BBC One co-creating the critically acclaimed, award winning Sherlock. A second series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, is currently in production.