Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War – Your Verdict

Frances BarberThe mid-season finale (A Good Man Goes to War) of Doctor Who is over but what did you think?

Warning: WILL contain SPOILERS. If you have not yet viewed A Good Man Goes To War you may not wish to read on.

The sixth season has been building up to this moment such as the frequent but very brief cameo appearances by the Eye Patch Lady (Frances Barber). There’s been a few hints along the way to tease fans of what to expect but quite probably nothing could prepare us for the moment in last week’s episode The Almost People that revealed Amy (Karen Gillan) had been substituted for a ganger – be honest who saw that coming?

The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) went off to find her and River Song (Alex Kingston) also cropped up in tonight’s episode and we FINALLY found out who she was! But now A Good Man Goes To War is over and we’ve got months to wait until the next episode of Doctor Who. Plenty of time to speculate about what will happen next.

In the meantime it’s time to get your verdict on tonight’s mid-season finale. What did you think? Post your comments below!