Doctor Who tops iPlayer requests for May

Doctor WhoDoctor Who is once again one of the most requested programmes on the BBC iPlayer service with three episodes taking the top three places for May.

The third episode of the sixth season, The Doctor’s Wife, was top of the charts with 1.22 million requests. The episode was penned by Neil Gaiman and guest starred Suranne Jones. Second in the charts with the pirate themed The Curse of the Black Spot – which guest starred Hugh Bonneville – which had 1.18 million requests. Day of the Moon was Curse of the Black Spotthird with 1.18 million requests. The following episodes of Doctor Who also performed well with The Rebel Flesh having 1.1 million requests and The Almost People sitting just under 1 million requests even though it was only available for the last four days of May – the rest of its requests will be part of June’s results.

The most requested Doctor Who episode of the year so far though is the season opener The Impossible Astronaut which had 1.79 million requests. The episode was recently revealed to be the most recorded programme in UK TV history with over 4 million viewers having recorded it. Doctor Who also holds the honour of being the most downloaded programme on the iPlayer for Matt Smith’s 2010 debut The Eleventh Hour which had 2.5 million requests!