John Barrowman open to Doctor Who return

John BarrowmanTorchwood actor John Barrowman has said he is open to returning to Doctor Who in the future.

The actor – who reprises his role of Captain Jack Harkness once more for Torchwood: Miracle Day – has said he would happily crossover to the parent series. Barrowman last appeared, as a cameo appearance, in David Tennant’s final episode; The End of Time, Part Two. The episode also marked Russell T. Davies last as head-writer & producer on the series handing over to Steven Moffat. With a new team in charge though Barrowman still seems keen to return to the series.

“I’ve always said that if I’m asked to go back to Doctor Who I’ll go at the drop of a hat. That’s where Captain Jack got his beginnings. And it’s already been discussed. It’s in the cards, but who knows whether it will happen?” – John Barrowman in an interview with Zap2it.

Interestingly Captain Jack was introduced to Doctor Who in 2005 in a two-part story penned by Moffat himself; The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Such was the popularity of the character that following his departure in The Parting of the Ways the spin-off Torchwood was created for him. Barrowman has spoken several times before of his willingness to return to Doctor Who and appear alongside new doctor Matt Smith. There is growing speculation within sectors of the media that actors Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill may not be returning to Doctor Who next year which would leave the 11th Doctor companionless – surely the perfect time for him to reunite with Jack? Or perhaps even better if River Song (Alex Kingston) were to become a full-time regular alongside Jack Harkness?

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