Patrick Stewart for War of the Worlds game

War of the WorldsStar Trek and X Men actor Patrick Stewart is to lend his voice for a new War of the Worlds game, it has been revealed.

The new game – based on the H.G Wells novel of the same name – will be on the XBox Live and PlayStation Network formats. The game will feature new characters, locations and story-arcs from the classic novel. It is not the first time a game version of the novel has been made – several ‘Arcade’ game been made, a ‘war-board’ game and a 1998 computer game.

War of the Worlds has been adapted many times over the years for different formats and mediums. Orson Wells produced a war radio play in the 1930s which, famously, sparked panic across American as some listeners believed the play – in the style of a news report – was real and Martians really were invading. In 1952 a film version, starring Ann Robinson and Gene Barry, produced by The War Machines in the 1952 George Pal movieGeorge Pal was released. The film was an obvious parallel to the Cold War and is noted for its impressive special effects. In the 1980s a television sequel to the movie was produced – with Ann Robinson reprising her role of Sylvia Van Bruen for several episodes – and ran for two seasons.

Other adaptations include the 1970s musical by Jeff Wayne which is still popular today and has sparked a stage version and a UK tour. The book has also been as inspirations for films such as Mars Attacks and Independence Day. In 2005 Steven Spielberg produced another movie version of War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise. Gene Barry and Ann Robinson both had cameo roles in the Spielberg film as small nods to their part in the George Pal version.

Which version of War of the Worlds do you prefer most? The 1952 film, the Jeff Wayne musical, the 1980s television series, the 2005 Spielberg film or an adaptation not listed above? Post your comments below.

The War of the Worlds game will be available to download later this year.