No full Doctor Who series in 2012

Doctor WhoAlthough the BBC has ordered a full seventh series of Doctor Who it won’t air completely in 2012.

There has been much speculate over the future of Doctor Who especially given recent tabloid stories claiming the BBC sci-fi would run specials in 2012 and return for a full series in 2013 – it’s 50th anniversary year. Fans of Doctor Who hoped that speculation was put to rest when the BBC announced it had ordered a full seventh series (13 episodes plus a Christmas Special) with Matt Smith onboard. But speculation continued over whether all 14 episodes would air in 2012 or not – now the BBC has confirmed that while Doctor Who will air in 2012 it won’t be in full.

The news broke on Twitter and was confirmed by BBC’s Entertainment Repoter Liza Mzimba. Apparently there will be a “special” run for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary in 2013 though exact details of what that means aren’t forthcoming. Nor is it clear how many episodes of Doctor Who will actually air next year or why a full series will not air. Suggestions range from budget issues (quite likely given cut backs at the BBC) and scheduling conflicts (again quite likely given Moffat’s workload with Sherlock and actors availability).

The new will doubtless disappoint some fans who were looking forward to a proper series in 2012 as not all have been won over by the “spilt” in this year’s current season.