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Midweek round-up from ATV Today including a new show for Sky Living with Katie Price, Boyzone’s Louis Walsh, Sarah Ferguson on snogging, Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard make it official, while Hugh Hefner has had to call it off. Plus more…


The Price of Disability

As its national carers week, we’ll start with news of a new show for Sky Living with Katie Price.

“Harvey is a wonderful boy. I am so proud of how he deals every day with his disability. He has been my one constant over the past eight years and, alongside Junior and Princess, remains the most important person in my life. But of course Harvey doesn’t have the voice to defend himself, so through this documentary I hope to encourage other people to appreciate the difficulties that children with disability and their parents face every day. I am lucky to be able to make this film and hope it helps those who struggle to cope with disability and prejudice without the support network I have.” Katie Price says.

As the parent of a disabled child Katie has stood up relentlessly for her son. Despite her fame and success, like other parents with disabled children she has had to fight furiously behind the scenes to ensure he has a normal life as possible. And she has fought back when people have publicly mocked his condition and discriminated against him.

To highlight the realities faced by many families, Katie Price is to provide a frank account of raising a disabled child and the stigma and discrimination they can face in a one-off special: Katie Price: Standing up for Harvey for Sky Living.

Katie will examine the controversy Frankie Boyle sparked by making a joke about her son and go in pursuit of what is and what isn’t acceptable humour. In a bid to explain how the ‘joke’ affected her personally, Katie’s ultimate wish is to speak directly to Frankie, and even encourage him to meet Harvey for himself.

Standing up for Harvey airs on June 30th, 9pm on Sky Living


Lampard and Bleakley United

Frank Lampard, the Chelsea and England footballer, has announced his engagement to Daybreak presenter Cuprinol, sorry, Christine Bleakley. For 18 months the pair have been dating and while in California he popped the question.

Frank’s agent Steve Kuttner told The Sun: “I am pleased to say that Christine Bleakley has accepted Frank Lampard’s surprise engagement proposal here in Los Angeles. They are obviously both delighted but there are no immediate wedding plans, and the couple will not be making any further comment on this happy and private occasion.”

Well I’m sure the wedding will be well attended, Christine can invite all 24 Daybreak viewers along at least.



  • Joe McElderry recently spoke about being dropped from Simon Cowell’s record label after only 18 months. `We parted on a good note’.  There are so many things we could say about that comment, but we can’t possibly for legal reasons. Still if Joe has a few good notes going spare maybe he could give them to often tuneless Jedward.


  • Robbie Williams is fighting a losing battle when it comes to dyeing his hair. He says “It’s getting harder all the time to keep checking that the grey is not seeping through”. He told the Metro. And last night he gave fans in Cardiff an extra performance when his pants split. He eventually took them off, and no one in the audience complained.


  • Sarah Ferguson has claimed her wedding day kiss with Prince Andrew was better than William and Kate’s. She was asked by Piers Morgan on his CNN chat show whether her smooch on the Buckingham Palace balcony in 1986 was “better” than the pecks between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She replied, “Well, I think so”. Well some people have decorum in public and some don’t…


  • The Metro paper recently reported that Coleen Rooney blames her Scouse accent for losing her The X Factor gig when bosses cite a reason closer to home – the alleged infidelities of hubby Wayne.


  • Daily Mail reported of Joan Collins tweets of the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate) wearing her favourite outfits over and over again “Well done Duchess Kate 4 recycling older oufits, even though the Fash pact won’t approve. I do the same”.  The paper felt it was so generous of Joan (aged 78) to bring herself down to the Duchess’s level!’ Reminds us of a time an ATV reporter saw Joanie’s jaw drop when she asked ‘a fan’ where he’d got a photograph of her from. She signed it, then he told her it came from the Oxfam charity shop. Her face was priceless apparently, which is more than can be said for the 40p photograph.


  • American actress Lindsay Lohan is on the staight and narrow…or is she? One of her PR team said recently “We make sure she is always pictured with a bottle of water. That way it says “I am sober” to the media. Does it? Maybe it actually says ‘she’s trying to look sober’. Or worse, she’s ‘gonna need the loo soon’.


  • Jude Law’s hair is somehow making a comeback after going missing 3 years ago. A source on set said “He has more than ever now”.


  • Digital Spy treat us to the news that actress ‘Laurie Brett has confirmed that she is overjoyed following the arrival of her first child’. As apposed to what? It’s rather pointing out the obvious, isn’t it? She’s hardly going to say ‘first child. Hmm, it was a bit meh’.


That’s His Goal

Talent show winner Shayne Ward is to star in his first West End musical, a new musical called Rock of Ages.

It was announced recently on the Musical’s official Twitter feed that Shayne is to join the cast of the new production alongside TV presenter Justin Lee Collins, who is also trying his hand at something different.

The Musical is billed as “a celebration of 1980’s rock culture” and includes such classics as Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and Europe’s The Final Countdown and launches in London in August.


Salford Say Sod Off

BBC Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton ruffled a few feathers on Twitter following comments she made about Salford in her live show. Fearne, who presents the weekday show from 10.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m, said “Salford was in Manchester” on Thursday. The faux pas sparked a flurry of tweets from proud Salfordians reported the Salford Advertiser.

Salford is of course a city in its own right which is directly next door to its neighbour Manchester.



The News of The World reported last week that Louis Walsh has ditched Boyzone, the band he founded and has managed on and off since 1993. He apparently told Shane Lynch, Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy and Mikey Graham they should split. His shock decision follows a recent disappointing tour, but lead singer Ronan Keating is refusing to accept they are finished. The paper says the band has never really recovered from the death of Stephen Gately and the shock of Ronan’s affair with a dancer.

A close source said “Louis has told Boyzone they’re finished. Ronan doesn’t want to accept it but without Louis they have no chance”.

Timeline of Zone Changes

1993 – Louis Walsh forms band
1994 – Polygram signs them
1995 – Debut album Said and Done reached No. 1 in UK
1996 – Words is first No. 1 single
1998 – No Matter What becomes their biggest selling single
1999 – Stephen reveals he is gay. Ronan releases first solo single
2000 – Band split
2008 – They reform and 200,000 tickets for UK & Ireland tour are sold within 3 hours
2009 – Stephen (33) dies
2010 – Ronan’s affair with dancer Francine is revealed. Wife Yvonne leaves him but later takes him back
2011 – Louis Walsh quits

Also recently the Metro paper reported that Louis Walsh is off the bread and spuds now recording another series of X Factor. “I have to look ultra slim with HD as it piles on the pounds” he says. I guess its safe to say that Ronan Keating won’t be buying Walsh any lavish meals for a while anyway…


Peacock Fashion Parade

Fashion Store Peacocks Polls for Best/Worst Dressed Stars (as voted for by the British Public)

Top 10 Best Dressed Stars

1. David Beckham
2. Peter Andre
3. Robert Pattinson
4. Tinie Tempah
5. Justin Bieber
6. Matt Smith (Dr Who)
7. Brad Pitt
8. Prince Harry
9. Johnny Depp
10. Mark Ronson

Top 10 Worst Dressed Stars

1. Prince William
2. Jedward
3. David Haselhoff
4. Rod Stewart
5. Jay-Z
6. Ant & Dec
7. Simon Cowell
8. Kanye West
9. Prince Charles
10. Mickey Rourke


Stroke of Divine Intervention

US radio preacher Harold Camping who predicted the end of the world would come last month has had a stroke. The 89 year old fell ill at his home in California last Thursday after weeks on intense pressure. Some families gave away their life savings believing the world would end on 21st May have asked California’s Attorney General to investigate his radio company. Mr Camping now insists the end will now “become apparent” on 21st October instead.


Strange but True

Some 77 year olds pass their time playing bowls. But Dennis Ealam is more worried about bottle feeds – he’s a father again for the third time say the Metro newspaper. The Lincoln pensioner admitted newborn Violet was a surprise said “I’m thrilled to bits but I’m too old for any more. Its hard work having children at any age but three toddlers in your 70’s is more than enough”. Mr Ealam and his wife Cora (aged 37) are also parents to Johnathon (2) and Jessie (1). He has five other children and sixteen grandchildren.

Seems like he needs his bowls cutting off if you ask me.


Quote of the Week

Courtesy of 3am in today’s Daily Mirror:

“Laugh out loud, throw your head back and cackle. It’s pretty amusing that a man who has made squillions from his reputation as a randy old slag has been chucked days before his wedding, after all.” – 3am on the 85-year-old Hugh Hefner being dumped by his latest 25-year-old almost-wife-to-be.