No Shatner in Star Trek sequel

William Shatner has stated he will not be appearing in the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel to J.J Abrams 2009 reboot of the franchise.

Fans of the original series were hopeful that Shatner would reprise his role of Captain Kirk for the sequel.

Although the 2009 reboot changed the time-line of the franchise – such as removing the planet Vulcan from the ‘original series timeline’ – fans were hopeful that Shatner’s appearance in the franchise would be along similar lines to Leonard Nimoy’s appearance in the 2009 film.

Shatner himself has spoken of a desire to return to the sci-fi franchise but over the weekend he announced he would not be appearing in the next film.

I’ve become an acquaintance of J.J. of late … But, I’m afraid no, no, I will not be in Star Trek 2. – Shatner quoted on Blast

There were plans for Shatner to cameo in the 2009 film alongside his former co-star Leonard Nimoy but ultimately the idea was dropped. Given the huge success of Star Trek at the cinema fans were hoping for Shatner would appear in the sequel but it seems that won’t now be the case.

However, given that the script for the new Trek film isn’t even finished yet all that could change. Fans shouldn’t give up all hope as who knows what twists and turns could be around the corner?