UTV in search for Viewer Videos

Julian Simmons, UTVUTV is searching for viewers in Northern Ireland to take part in a new project that will give people the chance to appear on the regional ITV broadcaster.

The network is offering viewers the chance to appear on screen to show life in Northern Ireland. The people of Northern Ireland are being asked to capture everyday life on their mobile phone or video camera which could be shown on UTV.

UTV’s Julian Simmons, pictured left, said: “With the summer holidays fast approaching, it is the ideal time to head outside and capture the exciting and fun things available to do in Northern Ireland. To be in with a chance of becoming a UTV star, simply film yourself or your family and friends, then visit  the website and follow the simple steps to upload the video or post it to us.

“We launched our new on air look in January to reflect life in Northern Ireland and viewers will be familiar with them – u walk, u study and u climb to name just a few. Now we want to know what you do in your everyday life, whether it’s sport, a hobby or just a day out with the family, just film it and you could be the next star of UTV.”

The current batch of UTV idents have a range of themes from iconic location shots from across the area, to rock climbers, cyclists and boat rowers out and about in Northern Ireland.

Michael Wilson, UTVMichael Wilson, Managing Director, UTV, pictured right, said, “Every TV channel has its own particular station identity, but I believe this is unique for a major broadcaster to give viewers the opportunity to be part of that identity.

“We are proud to be Northern Ireland’s favourite TV channel; a position we have achieved through showing excellent programmes and developing a relationship with our audience.

“UTV prides itself on being part of the community and this initiative, which we call ‘udents’, is further developing that close relationship with the audience.”

You can post your videos at www.u.tv/udents