BBC Two daytime saved but more repeats on the way

BBC TwoThe BBC has reportedly scrapped plans to axe BBC Two’s daytime schedules and replace them with simulcast broadcasts from the BBC News Channel. However, more repeats are on the way for the channel.

Media Guardian reports BBC execs have decided not to go down the route of scrapping BBC Two’s daytime schedules. The station’s controller, Janice Hadlow, and daytime controller, Liam Keelan, are said to be drawing up plans for new afternoon schedules which would include more repeats. That would save the BBC some money – allowing BBC Two’s overall budget to be trimmed – as repeats are cheaper to air than original programming.

The repeats would likely be off factual programmes already shown on BBC Four – daytime repeats would allow viewers to catch-up with programmes before BBC Four starts broadcasting at 7pm. Although Pointlessarguably the BBC’s i Player service offers the same advantage to viewers but not everyone has access to it. The repeats would be limited to factual programming only and not dramas due to repeat costs involved. This may disappoint some viewers who would prefer the BBC “raid” its archives for classic dramas to be shown in the afternoons instead of lifestyle programmes.

The Daily Politics Show would remain part of BBC Two’s daytime schedules and with Eggheads at 6pm BBC Two’s normal schedules would continue. It was reported this week that game-show Pointless would be moving to BBC One – possibly the corporation is lining it up as a replacement for The Weakest Link when it ends.