ATV Today Recommends: Caprica

CapricaThe Battlestar Galactica prequel reaches its conclusion tonight in a double-bill on Sky One.

The finale of Caprica was never intended as such – it sets things up for a second series. The foundations of a second season are firmly put in place and its such a shame it will never happen. Caprica failed to capture audiences in the same way Battlestar Galactica did and poor ratings sealed its fate. There’s been some debate over why Caprica didn’t take off from slow, complex storylines to too much planet bound action and not enough space action.

Whatever the reason we at ATV Today have enjoyed every moment of the series. It’s been a series that, much like Battlestar Galactica, has explored serious themes – often multiple themes at the same time. The insight into colonial culture before the Cylon attack has also built upon the information given in Galactica and along the way there’s been a fair few nods to the parent Capricaseries.

Sky One at 11.35pm: In tonight’s double-bill there’s trouble for Sam and Joseph Adama as its discovered they’ve been supplying Cylons to the rebels on Tauron. A vengeful Clarice is determined to track down Amanda and we get a glimpse of things to come….

Caprica stars: Eric Stoltz, Paula Malcomson, Esai Morales, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Aponowicz, Sasha Roiz and Polly Walker.


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