UK Torchwood fans unhappy at delay

Torchwood Miracle DayUK fans of Torchwood that the BBC are broadcasting the forthcoming new series nearly a week after it premiers in America on Starz.

In America Torchwood: Miracle Day will premier on July 8th but the BBC has decided to wait until the following week, Thursday 14th July, for the UK premier. It’s a move that has upset and angered some UK fans of the sci-fi who feel they are being snubbed. The fans feel that as Torchwood started off in the UK it should premier here first before America. There is even some talk of fans boycotting the opening episode of the new series although others have pointed out that would damage the show if done en-mass. Torchwood actress Eve Myles, who plays PC Gwen Cooper, has even waded into the debate.

We never, ever, ever wanted to take this show away from the original fans. … We’ve made you the best, best series yet. And it works out that it will be a week after the U.S. showing. And obviously we have nothing to do with that — me nor John [Barrowman] or Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner. … If it was up to me and John, we’d have it to them straight away. But, it’s not. – Eve Myles quoted on the Hollywood Reporter

While UK fans may be upset they have to wait a few days longer than their American counter-parts to see the first episode they might take comfort in knowing the UK episodes are longer. Yes that’s right, the UK version of Miracle Day will be several minutes longer than the American version. Tom Spilsbury, editor of Doctor Who Magazine, has confirmed on Twitter that there are two slightly different versions of Miracle Day – a UK extended version and an American version. So UK fans will get several minutes of bonus material that their American counterparts won’t get.