Stargate TV Movies cancelled because of costs?

Stargate UniverseStargate Universe actress Alaina Huffman has claimed the proposed Stargate Universe television movies were cancelled because of costs.

In the wake of Stargate Universe’s cancellation by Syfy because of low ratings fans were hopeful the spin-off would continue in some form. It was quickly dismissed the possibility of moving the sci-fi to another broadcaster so instead fans pinned there hopes on television movies to continue Universe’ story and the Stargate franchise. In April of this year it was revealed plans for television movies were cancelled. Brad Wright, executive producer on the franchise, said at the time the movies were cancelled because “It took too long. We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed…” However, actress Alaina Huffman, who played Lt. Tamara Johansen, has claimed costs were the reason the movies were scrapped.

“MGM is no longer functioning and it’s now being run by Spyglass. But Spyglass is not interested in Stargate so therefore would not fund movies.” – Alaina Huffman speaking at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.

The actress went on to reveal details about the two movies – the first of which would have wrapped up the Universe‘ storyline and the second would have featured characters from the various Stargate shows.

“They tried very hard to put a movie together,…I thought that would have been a really great way to close out the series. To me, it’s really unfortunate that the franchise didn’t get the opportunity… to finish off the story….Brad Wright wanted to do two movies,” she confirmed. “One to finish off our storyline, and one with an all-star cast that they thought they’d shoot in Hawaii. I don’t know why they couldn’t get the funding, but they couldn’t.” – Alaina Huffman speaking at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con.

Fans will no doubt be disappointed to read that the movies were scrapped because of funding issues and they’ll be questioning the future of the franchise.