Pressure mounts on Rebekah Brooks to resign

Pressure is continuing to grow today for Rebekah Brooks to resign from her role as Chief Executive of News International.

The latest set of allegations claims that journalists from News of the World hacked into voicemail messages of the relatives who lost loved ones in the 7th July 2005 terrorist attacks. It is understood that one family has been contacted by police to alert them that they may have had their phone hacked in 2005. Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of the attacks in London which left 52 people dead and many injured.

MP’s will today debate the phone hacking story in an emergency debate session which is set to last for three hours. Prime Minister David Cameron will first face PMQ’s where it is likely he will face tough questions from the opposition. Rebekah Brooks’ former deputy Andy Coulson quit as Downing Street communications director this year as many began to speculate just how involved he was in the scandal. Reports last night say that emails that show payments authorised from Coulson have been passed to the police.

It was a busy day news wise yesterday as revelation after revelation began to make its way to the top of the running order. There was a heated interview between the chairman of the┬áPress Complaints Commission Baroness Buscombe and the BBC’s Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil. She was pressed to explain what the PCC has done over the years and why they appeared to clear News International, by backing their claim that it was only a rouge reporter who was at the centre of phone hacking. Baroness Buscombe said that she was angry because it now seems they (the PCC) had been misled.

Rebekah Brooks was editor of News of the World at the time when phone hacking was alleged to have happened.