Stargate heading back to the big-screen?

StargateWith the latest Stargate television series over the franchise might, to some, look dead but there’s a chance the series could be heading back to the big-screen.

Remember how the Stargate franchise all began? Way back in 1994 the franchise was begun with the big-screen movie starring Kurt Russell, James Spader, Jaye Davidson and Viveca Lindfors. The film was followed in 1997 by the television series Stargate SG-1 and the rest they say is history. However, the original plan was for a trilogy of films and not a television spin-off – or spin-offs as the case was. The television franchise ran until earlier this year when Stargate Universe ended, after its cancellation last year, because of low ratings. Now it seems that the television series is ended the film franchise could be resurrected.

“The irony is that we wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but we were never able to do parts two and three. Our hope is that, now that the series is starting to wind down that maybe it’ll be time to do parts two and three. So we’re hopeful we’ll get to come back and tell the rest of that story….We wanted to explore how the Stargates were built originally and where else in the universe they exist, why they exist, and where else they exist on Earth.” – Dean Devlin, writer/producer, speaking to Collider.

Presumably the sequels would continue the “continuity” and “cannon” established by the 1994 film and not the television series. Collider adds the actors from the original film would be used and not the television series. It was hoped following the cancellation of Universe that television movies would be produced but that idea has now been scrapped so a return to the big-screen would seem to make sense. But would die-hard Stargate fans be happy to see sequels to the 1994 movies made instead of movies based on the established television shows?

(via Blastr)