Is News International preparing to launch The Sun on Sunday?

The BBC are claiming tonight that The Sun will publish a Sunday version after News of the World is axed. 

UPDATED at 21:20

The BBC has said tonight that The Sun publishing on Sunday has been confirmed to them. As we published earlier today, speculation was rife that News International would launch a Sunday version of the UK’s most popular daily newspaper. It is not known when the first edition of The Sun on Sunday will launch.

As soon as the news broke that the newspaper had been axed, many tweeters began speculating that The Sun may be looking to launch a Sunday edition. A quick search of who owns domain names shows that The Sun on Sunday domains were bought just two days ago, leading to speculation that the plan is to fold News of the World in favour for The Sun to expand to publish on a Sunday. The Sun is owned by News International, who also owns News of the World.