Prime Minister David Cameron Confirms Judge Led Inquiry

PM David Cameron has confirmed this morning that there will be a judge led inquiry to find out what went on at News of the World.

Speaking at a news conference this morning the Prime Minister answered an array of questions in regards to the News of the World scandal which has engulfed the news agenda this week. The PM clarified the nature of the inquiries that he wants to see take place. The first being a judge leading an independent inquiry to discover why the original police investigation failed, the full story of operations of News of the World and how other newspapers were also operating. It is widely claimed that the practice of phone hacking was not confined to just NOTW, but several other newspapers.

The second inquiry will look into the British press, unearthing the culture, ethics and practices that they have undertaken over the years. The PM also criticised the Press Complaints Commission stating that it had failed and lacks the public confidence, echoing comments made earlier this week by Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Talk turned to Andy Coulson, former editor of NOTW who went on to become David Cameron’s Communications Director. Coulson resigned in January as pressure began to mount over his role involved in the scandal. The Times newspaper is reporting that Coulson has now been arrested and will face questions over authorising payments to police. David Cameron defended his position to hire him saying that he gave him a second chance and it didn’t work.

Last night James Murdoch made the announcement this this Sunday’s NOTW will be the final edition. Many are outraged that over 200 people working on the paper will lose their jobs while News International CEO Rebekah Brooks will remain in her post. Brooks was editor of the paper at the time of the Milly Dowler allegations. David Cameron said this morning that he would have accepted her resignation. This follow reports that Rupert Murdoch refused to accept her resignation.