Sky News’ Jon Craig slips up on Jeremy Hunt’s name

Sky News It seems as though reporters can’t help but trip over his name as Sky News’ Jon Craig slips up while delivering a report about Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary.

The Mirror is reporting that Sky News’ Jon Craig tripped over Jeremy Hunt’s name. Craig was delivering a report about the Culture Secretary but mispronounced his name and accidentally uttered the most offensive word in the English language. He quickly corrected his error. It’s not the first time that Craig has slipped up over Jeremy Hunt’s name nor is he the first reporter to do so. James Naughtie and Andrew Marr, both of the BBC, famously tripped over Hunt’s name in December.

Considering the battering Jeremy Hunt took in the Commons today from MP’s questioning him over the BSkyB deal and the News of the World phone-hacking scandal we doubt this latest incident of his name being mispronounced will be top of his priorities.