Fewer hours of drama aired on BBC last year

Sherlock{jcomments off}The BBC aired fewer hours of drama across its television channels last year.

The Mirror is reporting the BBC cut drama in its schedules across its range of television channels. The majority of the hours were lost by the decision to spend less on acquiring programmes from abroad – especially America. The decision by NBC to axe struggling Heroes – which aired on BBC Two – meant over 20 hours less drama alone. However, while the BBC has committed itself to acquiring less drama from abroad it has none-the-less bought dramas such as the critically acclaimed Danish series The Killing.

Some fear the reduction in the number of hours of drama is a sign of things to come as the BBC seeks to save money in the light of its licence fee freeze. While the corporation is boosting its daytime drama portfolio on and drama on BBC Two it is cutting back in other areas. Drama on BBC Four – which has produced critically acclaimed hits such as The Road to Coronation Street – could be scaled back as the channel re-focuses on the arts. Even drama on BBC One will be squeezed as the corporation attempts to save money over the next few years especially if inflation keeps on rising as that will effectively mean a licence fee cut.