Murdoch’s Australian company review editorial payments

Australia’s News Limited, a subsidiary belonging to News Corporation are to review all editorial payments in the wake of the phone hacking scandal in the UK.
 Chairman and CEO of News Limited, John Hartigan, wrote to staff this morning detailing what was to happen, but said he has no reason to suspect any wrongdoing. News Limited owns the only national newspaper in Australia, along with several other local newspapers.
The phone hacking scandal in the UK is now beginning to spread to other Murdoch owned companies across the world. Pressure has been mounting in the US for an inquiry to find if any News Corporation companies obtained access to voicemail messages.

Back home, all members of the main political parties are expected to back a Labour motion calling on Rupert Murdoch to drop his bid for BSkyB. The bid is currently being looked at by the Competition Commission, which Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt referred it to after News Corporation withdrew their undertakings – spinning-off Sky News.