The Simpsons teases at Comic Con

The Simpsons{jcomments on}The Simpsons panel at Comic Con revealed a few details about the forthcoming 23rd season including some of the guest-stars and the shows 500th episode.

The 500th episode will air in February and Al Jean teased fans with what the can expect from the landmark occasion. “There’s a secret town meeting that the Simpsons aren’t invited to, and then they sneak in and they find out it’s a meeting discussing whether to ban them from Springfield, because people are so sick of them after all this time. But there are more surprises.” The Simpsons marked its 250th episode in 2000 with A Tale of Two Springsfields which featured guest stars Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle.

Also revealed at the panel were some of the guest-stars for the new season with Joan Rivers, Jeremy Irons, Michael Cera, Andy Harcia and Jane Lynch amongst those lending their voices to the animated comedy. The 23rd season will also feature two more Banksy-eseque gags sprinkled across the episodes – following the opening titles devised by Banksy which raised some eyebrows.