Strike disrupts BBC News programmes

Strike hits Beeb News.

A second 24 hour strike at the BBC has once again disrupted corporation’s news output with programmes such as Breakfast and The World At One being affected.

The strike is over compulsory redundancies at the BBC within the news department and is a follow-up to the strike held in July. Once again BBC Radio Four has been most affected by the strike with the Today programme starting an hour later but John Humphrys was fronting the news programme when it started at 7am.

Radio Four’s regular output such as PM, The World At One and You and Yours have all been cancelled for today with repeats taking their places. On BBC One Breakfast aired in a different format to usual – as per the last strike.

Picket lines have formed outside some of the BBC’s studios such as outside Television Centre in London and also in Manchester and Glasgow. The BBC has released a statement in which it said it was “disappointed” the National Union of Journalists had called a strike.