ITV’s lacking real people claims Chris Tarrant

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host Chris Tarrant has suggested ITV bosses are too obsessed with series starring ‘celebrities’.

Chris, on the set of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Speaking on BBC radio, the one-time ATV Midlands personality, said

“At the moment there’s no shows for members of the public and I think that’s wrong. I’m constantly arguing with ITV about it. I think the celebrity versions are the icing on the cake. But I think they are missing the cake.”

While ITV continue to air ‘public participant’ programming in daytime, such as Britain’s Best Dish, primetime ITV has seen a swing towards celebrity versions of game shows which were once home to everyday people winning – or losing out on – large sums of money such as Family Fortunes, Mr and Mrs and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Chris on Tiswas, made by ATV in Birmingham.

“I think it is still about giving little old ladies 25 grand that will completely change their life. And I think we’ve kind of lost sight of that. It’s got to be live, it’s got to be celebs, it’s got to be charity and all that. That’s fine and they get big audiences. But I still think they should be doing good old Millionaire with members of the public.”

Chris started his television career on television with ATV News, which served the Midlands. He later switched to children’s programming becoming one of the lead presenters and executives on Saturday morning kids magazine series Tiswas. He went on to host a ‘adult’ version called OTT before finding a long running home with Capital Radio as breakfast host.

Other TV roles included on BBC One game show The Main Event and clip series Tarrant on TV for ITV.

Reunited with Tiswas co-stars by ITV in 2009.