Fox not expecting Fringe ratings rise

Fringe{jcomments on}Fox are not expecting a rise in ratings when cult drama Fringe returns for its fourth season.

The drama, starring Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson, was renewed by Fox for a fourth season despite the dire predictions of some. When Fox announced it was moving Fringe to the “graveyard” slot of Friday evenings many predicted it was the final nail in the coffin for the quirky drama and to be fair to those nay-sayers the corpses of Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles backed up their argument.

Although ratings for Fringe did drop on Friday evenings it was – to the surprise of many – renewed by Fox. Now it has emerged that Fox are not expecting ratings for rise for the fourth season. “I don’t expect Fringe to grow; it’s a pretty complex show. If Fringe can do exactly what it did last year, we’re going to be very happy” So said Kevin Reilly, Fox boss, quoted on TVLine.

Reilly added it was due to the huge success of shows such as American Idol that the Network had the money to support “creative shows that deserve to be on the air“. Some fans might argue though that Firefly, Dollhouse and The Sarah Connor Chronicles deserve to still be on air too.