BBC Worldwide signs production deal with Starz

Starz{jcomments on}BBC Worldwide has signed a new multi-year production deal with the premium American broadcaster Starz.

The new deal between the two companies will see one-hour dramas developed and co-produced between the two, reports Broadcast. The deal will initially result in two drama series which are yet un-named and over 100 hours of programming. BBC Worldwide and Starz are currently partnered on Torchwood: Miracle Day, the fourth season of the Doctor Who spin-off series. As yet there’s been no official word on renewal for Torchwood – with Starz indicating it depends on the availability of showrunner Russell T. Davies – but fans will be hoping the new deal between BBC Worldwide and Starz will pave the way for another season.

The deal is part of Starz plans to rival other premium American broadcasters such as Showtime and HBO both of which have co-produced programmes with the BBC and other UK broadcasters in the past.

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