Kirsty McCabe: 'Daybreak needs more time'

Daybreak{jcomments on}Daybreak‘s Kirsty McCabe has argued the GMTV replacement needs more time to ‘bed in’.

It’s just under a year since Daybreak replaced GMTV as ITV’s breakfast programme but despite much fanfare at its launch the new magazine programme has failed to take off with viewers. The series still faces a barrage of negative press stories and its ratings are, on average, less than GMTV was attracting in its last few months on-air. However, Daybreak weather forecaster and environmental correspondent has argued the show still needs more time to ‘bed in’.

“I think people in the media should have given it more time. I know that when GMTV started it took a while to bed in, and I think these things do take a while for the public to come round and start watching it.” – Kirsty McCabe in the Belfast Telegraph

Daybreak‘s editor Ian Rumsey recently announced he was stepping down while Adrian Chiles revealed he was dropping an edition of the show a week – meaning he would only front four out of five episodes a week. It’s thought that his co-presenter Christine Bleakley may follow suit.

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