Arthur Darvill to remain with Doctor Who

Arthur Darvill{jcomments on}Arthur Darvill has confirmed to SFX that his character of Rory Williams will appear in the seventh season of Doctor Who.

Darvill’s co-stars Karen Gillan and Matt Smith had both already confirmed their involvement in the seventh season leading to speculation the character of Rory might be written out of the series. However, in an interview with SFX magazine the actor confirmed he will be involved in series seven – but hints that he may not appear in all the episodes. “I will be coming back at some point… There is an involvement in some way.” the actor told SFX.

There is already some press speculation that Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond, may not appear in all the episodes of series seven. Now that Arthur Darvill has hinted this is the case for his character of Rory it does seem to strength the rumour the two companions will feature less next year. It could be that they only appear in a few episodes like Freema Agyeman who only appeared in five episodes of season four as Martha Jones – after being leaving the Tardis at the end of season three. Also lets not forget that Darvill only appeared in seven of the thirteen episodes of season five its only with season six the character of Rory has become a fully fledged companion and series regular.

The seventh series of Doctor Who will seemingly be spilt across 2012 and 2013, the shows 50th anniversary year, for unknown reasons.