Jeremy Clarkson hits back at Top Gear fakery claims

Top GearJeremy Clarkson has hit back at claims that “80%” of BBC Two’s Top Gear is ‘faked.

There are claims – made by a former Top Gear driver – that most of the driving on the BBC Two show is actually done by professional drivers and not the presenters of the show. The driver claimed that a sequence in 2008 showing Clarkson test driving a Lamborghini Murielago in the rain was actually the work of someone else. The former employee also accused the BBC of knowing deceiving viewers by editing together footage of professional drivers alongside that of the hosts.

The BBC confirmed that professional drivers are used on Top Gear but only for “pick up shots”. Jeremy Clarkson has hit back at the claims that “80%” of Top Gear is faked and is quoted in The Mirror as saying “Any claims that I fake Top Gear road tests are utter rubbish. When I say I’m driving at 207mph, it’s because I’m driving at 207mph. If the director chooses later in the day to get a shot of the speedo reading 207mph, then good for him.”

Top Gear is one of BBC Two’s most popular shows with ratings topping 7 million viewers on occasions. The series has been remade in Australia and also America where it airs on the History channel.