Channel 5 confirm no live feed for Big Brother

After weeks of speculation Channel 5 confirmed this evening that there will be no live feed of Big Brother
The 24 hour live feed, which has been an integral part of the show since it began, has been axed as the show’s producers aim to keep the focus on the nightly highlight show. Fans of Big Brother will only be able to keep up to date with news supplied via official Facebook, Twitter and phone apps.

“Following speculation surrounding the live feed, we can confirm there will not be a 24 hour live feed from the house available online or on-air. This year we have decided to focus on the nightly highlights show and on directly engaging with the show’s viewers through social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and specially created iPhone, iPad and Android apps. The aim is to reflect the habits of our audience today and we believe that prioritising social media is the way to get people involved in the show.” – Channel 5 statement

In 2009 Channel 4 decided to axe the 24 hour live feed, prompting a backlash from loyal fans of the show. There was however live coverage on E4 during the night. This announcement means for the first time ever, fans of the show will not get to watch housemates day or night live.

Celebrity Big Brother returns this Thursday on Channel 5.